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The BarBooks online library is a database of all treatises published through the OSB Legal Publications program, plus a few additional resources. Annual BarBooks online library accounts are available for law libraries to grant access to library patrons. Go to MY CONTENT after purchase to retrieve a form to provide the names and email addresses of the individual librarians who will access BarBooks and issue patron access tokens.



BarBooks™ is an online library of all of the books published by the Oregon State Bar Legal Publications Department together with other resources.


BarBooks™ is available for law libraries to provide temporary access to their patrons. Once library accounts are purchased online, go to your My Content page to download the Law Library Account Form. List each individual librarian who will need access with their email address. You will be notified once Bar staff have set up the accounts.


Current titles in the online library are:

Administering Oregon Estates (2012 rev. with 2018 supp.)

Administering Trusts in Oregon (2018 ed.)

ADR in Oregon (2019 ed.)

Advising Oregon Businesses, Vol. 1–2 (2017 ed.)

Advising Oregon Businesses, Vol. 3-4 (2018 ed.)

Advising Oregon Businesses, Vol. 5 (2019 ed.)

A Guide to Setting Up and Running Your Law Office (PLF 2019)

A Guide to Setting Up and Using Your Lawyer Trust Account (PLF 2018)

Annie & the Octopus: Common-Law Indemnity (2018 ed.)

Appeal and Review: Basics (2010 ed.)

Appeal and Review: Beyond the Basics (2014 ed.)

Construction Law in Oregon (2019 ed.)

Consumer Law in Oregon (2013 rev.)

Contract Law in Oregon (2003 rev. with 2008 supp.)

Creditors’ Rights and Remedies (2016 rev.)

Criminal Law in Oregon (in progress)

Damages (2016 rev.)

Elder Law (2017 rev.)

Environmental Law Volume 1: Regulation and Permitting (2013 edition)

Ethical Oregon Lawyer (2015 rev.)

Family Law in Oregon (2021 ed.)

Federal Civil Litigation in Oregon (2009 rev.)

Fee Agreement Compendium (2018 ed.)

Guardianships, Conservatorships, and Transfers to Minors (2018 ed.)

Insurance Law in Oregon (2020 ed.)

Interpreting Oregon Law (2009 ed.)

Juvenile Law: Delinquency (2019 ed.)

Juvenile Law: Dependency (2017 ed.)

Labor and Employment Law: Private Sector (2011 rev.)

Labor and Employment Law: Public Sector (2011 rev.)

Land Use (2010 ed.)

Oregon Administrative Law (2010 ed. with 2016 supp.)

Oregon Civil Pleading and Litigation (2020 ed.)

Oregon Constitutional Law (2022 ed.)

Oregon Legislation Highlights (Public Affairs 2019-2021)

Oregon Real Estate Deskbook, Vol. 1 -- Estates, Title, Easements, CC&Rs, Acquisition, and Dispositions (2015 ed.)

Oregon Real Estate Deskbook, Vol. 2 -- Financing Transactions (2015 ed.)

Oregon Real Estate Deskbook, Vol. 3 -- Leasing, Condominiums, Planned Communities, and Timeshares (2015 ed.)

Oregon Real Estate Deskbook, Vol. 4 -- Nonpossessory Rights, Unique Property Types, and Legal Considerations (2015 ed.)

Oregon Real Estate Deskbook, Vol. 5 -- Taxes, Assessments, and Real Estate Disputes (2015 ed.)

Oregon Rules of Professional Conduct Annotated (2021 ed.)

Oregon Statutory Time Limitations (PLF, in progress)

Rights of Foreign Nationals (2020 ed.)

Torts (2012 rev.)

Uniform Civil Jury Instructions (2008-2021)

Uniform Criminal Jury Instructions (2009-2021)

Veterans, Military Servicemembers, and the Law (2018 ed.)