Tort Law in Oregon - An eBook Download (2024)

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This 2-volume book is an invaluable reference tool for lawyers on tort law in Oregon. PDF Download - After purchase go to My Content to retrieve your digital file(s). 
1935 pages
Publication Date: July 2024
Editorial Review Board: Stephen F. English; Travis Eiva; Marilyn A. Heiken; Thomas L. Hutchinson; Derek C. Johnson; Laura Caldera Loera; Thomas Tobin

This 2024 complete revision of Tort Law in Oregon covers a broad spectrum of tort law . Topics discussed range from basic torts (such as fraud and assault) to more complicated torts (such as theories of liability for exposure to toxic substances). This 2-volume book is an invaluable reference tool for Oregon lawyers.


New Chapter 35 on tort law in relation to insurers
The elements, causation requirements, applicable defenses, and available remedies for a variety of torts
The family relationships of parties to a tort suit that can affect the availability of claims and defenses.


Volume 1

1 Assault and Battery
2 False Arrest
3 Intentional Infliction of Emotional Distress
4 Torts Arising from Childhood Sexual Abuse
5 Defamation
6 Invasion of Privacy
7 Intentional Interference with Property
8 Negligence: The Basic Elements
9 Defenses to Negligence
10 Premises Liability
11 Medical Malpractice
12 Lawyer Malpractice; Accountant Malpractice
13 Vehicle Collisions
14 Dram Shop Act and the Drunk Driver
15 Vicarious Liability
16 Multiple Tortfeasors
17 Indemnity and Contribution
18 Automobile Insurance
19 Abnormally Dangerous Activities
20 Products Liability

Volume 2

21 Mass Torts
22 Nuisance
23 Toxic Torts
24 Fraud, Misrepresentation, and Unfair Trade Practices
25 Misuse of Legal Procedure
26 Intentional Interference with Economic Relations and Related Actions
27 Discrimination Claims in Oregon
28 Claims Against Governmental Bodies
29 Claims Arising from the Employment Relationship
30 Wrongful Death and Survival of Personal Injury Actions
31 Effect of Family Relationships on Torts
32 Statutes of Limitations and Statutes of Repose
33 Negligence Per Se, Statutory Torts, and Statutory Duties
34 Torts in the Construction Context
35 Tort Claims against Insurers

Table of Statutes and Rules
Table of Cases
Subject Index


PREORDER: WILL SHIP IN AUGUST 2024. This 2-volume book is an invaluable reference tool for lawyers on tort law in Oregon. Includes PDF Download - After shipment go to My Content to retrieve your digital file(s).