Oregon Formal Ethics Opinions - A Print Book Supplement (2022)

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This includes all revised and new Ethics Opinions approved since 2018.

This supplement assumes you have the full book. If not, purchase the Oregon Formal Ethics Opinions book instead.
This supplement includes:

new opinions issued since 2018
opinions revised since 2018
updated tables, revised and updated subject index, and updated opinions citator
includes the most recent version of the Oregon Rules of Professional Conduct dated March 1, 2022.

Five new opinions:

Ethics Op. 2019-195   Communication; Delegation of Settlement Authority to Lawyer
Ethics Op. 2021-196   Rule 7.3 Solicitation of Clients 
Ethics Op. 2021-197   Payment to Lawyer from Estate Assets
Ethics Op. 2021-198   Unauthorized Practice of Law; Law School Graduates Hired Pending Bar Admission
Ethics Op. 2022-199   Safekeeping Property: Depositing Funds into Trust Accounts

Two withdrawn:

Ethics Op. 2005-63     Interim Payment to Lawyer before Probate Completed
Ethics Op. 2005-171   Fee Agreements: Interim Payment to Lawyer before Probate Completed

And 7 revised:

Ethics Op. 2005-2       Information about Legal Services: Cross-Referrals, Office Sharing with Nonlawyer
Ethics Op. 2005-3       Information about Legal Services: Disseminating Information through the Media or through Speeches
Ethics Op. 2005-51     Conflicts of Interest, Current Clients: Lawyer Membership in Trade Association Represented by Lawyer


All opinions issued by the Legal Ethics Committee. This 2016 Revision with 2017, 2018, and 2022 supplements, with updated comments and cross-references, replaces the 2005 revision and all supplements.
This new edition provides summaries of Disciplinary Board Reporter cases issued through 2021 and of new Oregon Formal Ethics Opinions approved through 2022. This includes the 2022 supplement.
This supplement provides summaries of Disciplinary Board Reporter cases issued in 2021 and of new and revised Oregon Formal Ethics Opinions approved in 2021 and 2022.