Fee Agreement Compendium - An eBook Download (2018)

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This 2018 edition is an essential practice tool for Oregon lawyers, this fifth edition addresses all aspects of attorney fees, including billing costs, fee agreements, ethics, and disputes. PDF Download with 42 MS Word forms - After purchase go to My Content to retrieve your digital file(s).
PDF Download with 42 MS Word forms
366 pages
Publication Date: June 2018
Editorial Review Board: Dawn Evans and Dayna Underhill

Most lawyer-client disputes involve fees. A clear, written agreement between lawyer and client can help prevent misunderstandings, fee disputes, and malpractice claims. The fifth edition of Fee Agreement Compendium is an essential practice tool that covers important information Oregon lawyers need regarding ethics issues, billing costs, credit issues, retainer letters, and IOLTA.
Here are just a few reasons why you need this new edition:

There are now 42 forms, including general fee agreements, checklists, sample clauses, and specific fee agreements for nine discrete practice areas.
Each set of forms is preceded by clearly organized notes and comments regarding usage.
Agreements and letters are written in plain language so that a client can understand the document.
Essential bankruptcy disclosure statements are included in the bankruptcy chapter, along with the fee agreements.
Four engagement letters, six nonengagements, and three disengagement letters are included.
All ethics rules and ethics opinions citations have been updated.


1 Ethics Issues Arising in Fee Agreements
2 Billing Costs
3 The Truth in Lending Act and Attorney Fee Retainers
4 OSB Fee Arbitration Program
5 Drafting Tips for Fee Agreements
6 Retained or Not Retained – You May Need to Prove It
7 IOLTA in Relation to Fee Agreements
8 Contingent Fee Agreement
9 Hourly Fee Agreement
10 Limited Representation and Alternative Fee Agreements
11 Fixed-Fee Agreement
12 Referral Agreement Between Lawyers
13 Domestic Relations Fee Agreement
14 Independent Adoption Fee Agreement
15 Probate Fee Agreement
16 Criminal Law Fee Agreement
17 Entity Formation Fee Agreement
18 Workers’ Compensation Fee Agreement
19 Social Security Fee Agreement
20 Third-Party Personal Injury Fee Agreement
21 Bankruptcy Fee Agreement

Table of Statutes and Rules 
Table of Cases 
Subject Index