“I Have a Feeling”: Coping with COVID-19 Changes and Unexpected Losses (On Demand)

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Learn how to “ride the emotional roller coaster” of these uncertain times.

Everyone is experiencing unprecedented changes in their work, personal relationships, everyday habits of living, and vision of the future. As you attempt to find your “new normal,” you may find yourself mourning the loss of the way things used to be. These feelings of loss can lead to emotional upheaval and instability in an already stressful time.

In this one-hour course, Michael Kahn, JD, LPC, walks you through the framework for recognizing and acknowledging the emotions that are being stirred up. He also provides you with suggestions on how to process your feelings of loss. Join Michael to learn how to “ride the emotional roller coaster” of these uncertain times.

Presented by:
• Michael Kahn, JD, LPC, ReelTime CLE, Charlotte, North Carolina

1 Mental Health/Substance Use credit
ID 67914, 05/14/2020
Complete by 05/14/2023 for Oregon credit

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