Meeting Crisis in Your Practice (MP3 download)

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1 Mental Health/Substance Use credit
Program date: March 5, 2020

Join our panel members for a thoughtful discussion of meeting crisis in your practice.


Lawyers meet crisis in their practice nearly every day. They regularly see clients in their worst moments—facing financial ruin, families breaking up, even prison. Lawyers are trained to meet their clients’ legal needs, but sometimes clients are in serious behavioral health crisis. They can be distracted, depressed, at risk of harming themselves, or even taking their lives.

And our clients are not alone. The stress of legal practice places lawyers at high risk for substance abuse and suicide. We face stressors every day, from billing and finances to deal- and court-driven deadlines to balancing work and family. Add in the drinking culture that is a reality for many of us and we and our colleagues are at risk of crisis, too.

Join our panel members for a thoughtful discussion of meeting crisis in your practice. Learn warning signs and how to respond. Get connected with resources so that you are never alone in helping someone in crisis—including yourself.

Presented in partnership with Lines for Life.

Presented by:
• Colleen Cadell, MA, Clinical Training Strategist, Lines for Life, Portland
• Dwight Holton, CEO, Lines for Life, Portland
• Harry Wilson, Markowitz Herbold PC, Portland

1 Mental Health/Substance Use credit
ID 65597, 03/05/2020
Complete by 03/05/2023 for Oregon credit

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