Controversial Issues in Mediation (On Demand)

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Today’s world of mediation faces an array of complex issues.

Today’s world of mediation faces an array of complex issues. From legal malpractice limits to diversity concerns, seasoned practitioners discuss how you can address these issues in your litigation, transactional, or mediation practice. Gain an understanding of the legal malpractice limits under Alfieri v. Solomon, and discover tips for whether to include mediation clauses in contracts and how to draft them. Explore whether there’s too much or not enough mediation in general, and take a look at diversity aspects in mediation, including mediator cultural competency.

Cosponsored by the Alternative Dispute Resolution Section.

Presented by:
• Lisa Amato, Amato Mediation, Portland
• Joseph Arellano, Foster Garvey PC, Portland
• Caroline Harris Crowne, Tonkon Torp LLP, Portland
• Kirc Emerson, Richardson Wright LLP, Portland
• Kim Gordon, MA, JD, Portland
• Jason L. Kafoury, Kafoury & McDougal, Portland
• Angela Laidlaw, Laidlaw and Laidlaw PC, Oregon City
• Elizabeth E. Lampson, Davis Rothwell Earle & Xochihua PC, Portland
• Ruben Rivera, Law Office of Ruben Rivera, Portland
• Richard J. Vangelisti, Vangelisti Mediation, Portland
• Ernest Warren, Jr., Warren & Sugarman, Portland

1.75 General CLE credits, 1 Access to Justice credit, and 1 Ethics (Oregon specific) credit
ID 64246, 03/13/2020
Complete by 03/13/2023 for Oregon credit

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