Elder Law - A Print Book (2017)

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A comprehensive guide to elder law issues in Oregon.
1 volume; loose-leaf
814 pages
Publication Date: Apr. 27, 2017
Editorial Review Board: Julie Meyer Rowett, Monica D. Pacheco, Theressa Hollis, Whitney D. Yazzolino

A comprehensive guide to elder law in Oregon, Elder Law, 2017 Revision, is designed for the attorney whose practice includes elder law, estate planning, health law, family law, or litigation. Elder Law examines key issues affecting elderly or disabled clients. This new revision contains a wealth of information, from planning for retirement, using Social Security and Medicare, and making long-term care choices, to dealing with neglect and abuse, and planning for incapacity.

What is elder law and why is it important? The term elder law refers to legal help for elders—a client base rather than a discrete legal practice area. That is, an elder law lawyer serves older clients in many different practice areas. The lawyer helps the client meet his or her objectives using many legal tools.

An elder law lawyer develops a practice that addresses the common problems of aging clients. For example, many estate-planning clients benefit from retirement planning. The elder law lawyer may develop expertise in evaluating the client’s resources, access to health insurance during retirement, and helping the elderly plan to be able to pay for long-term care.

Elder law crosses the traditional boundaries in legal practice areas, and requires abundant flexibility. An elder law lawyer needs “people skills” and an understanding of the family-relationship pressures brought about by aging and mental or physical decline. The elder law lawyer may routinely assess whether a prospective client has the capacity to enter into an attorney-client relationship and to execute needed planning documents.


1 Planning for Quality of Life
2 Substituted Decision-Making: Responding to Declining Capacity
3 Legal Issues in Retirement Planning and Investing
4 Social Security Benefits
5 Medicare Benefits - Retiree Health Plan Problems [Reserved]
6 Living with Long-Term Support and Services
7 Paying for Long-Term Care
8 Using Trusts; Taxation
9 Elder Abuse and Nursing Home Litigation

Table of Forms
Table of Statutes and Rules
Table of Cases
Subject Index