Uniform Criminal Jury Instructions, 2018 Supplement

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The following instructions were updated in the 2018 supplement:
UCrJI No 1002— Use of An Interpreter
UCrJI No 1003— Use of A Sign Language Interpreter
or Assistive Communication Device Operator For A Juror
UCrJI No 1006— Evaluating Witness Testimony
UCrJI No 1007— Requirement for Electronic Recording
UCrJI No 1010— Affirmative Defense—Defendant’s Burden of Proof
UCrJI No 1012— Lesser Included Offense Order of Deliberation
UCrJI No 1013— Multiple Lesser Included Offenses Order of Deliberation
UCrJI No 1014— Lesser Included Offense[S] Explanation Or Comparison
UCrJI No 1017— Sample Jury Verdict Form (No Lesser Included Offenses)
UCrJI No 1018— Subcategory Classification Factors and Offense-Specific Enhancement Facts
UCrJI No 1019— Sample Special Verdict Form (Subcategory Classification Factors or Offense-Specific Enhancement Facts)
UCrJI No 1019a— Sample Special Verdict Form (Offender-Specific Enhancement Facts)
UCrJI No 1020— Sample Jury Verdict Form (One Charge, One Or More Lesser Included Offenses)
UCrJI No 1024— Defendant’s Statements
UCrJI No 1025— Direct and Circumstantial Evidence
UCrJI No 1026— Date When Crime Committed—“On Or About”
UCrJI No 1027— Jury View
UCrJI No 1032— Criminal Charge
UCrJI No 1033— Nonexpert Opinion Evidence
UCrJI No 1034— Expert Opinion Evidence
UCrJI No 1035— Intentionally And With Intent
UCrJI No 1036— Knowingly and With Knowledge
UCrJI No 1037— Recklessly
UCrJI No 1045— Possession
UCrJI No 1046— Preponderance of The Evidence
UCrJI No 1047— Public Place
UCrJI No 1048— Deadly Physical Force
UCrJI No 1050— Confession—Corroboration
UCrJI No 1054— Accomplice—Definition
UCrJI No 1055— Accomplice Witness—Burden of Proof
UCrJI No 1056— Accomplice—Corroboration
UCrJI No 1057— Accomplice Testimony (View With Distrust)
UCrJI No 1058— Other Accomplice Instructions
UCrJI No 1060— Stipulated Testimony
UCrJI No 1061— Stipulations Of Fact
UCrJI No 1062— Judicial Notice
UCrJI No 1063— Domestic Violence
UCrJI No 1064— Crime Involving Domestic Violence
UCrJI No 1065— Voluntary Act or Omission
UCrJI No 1400— Definitions
UCrJI No 1417— Assault In The Third Degree—Subsection (1)(G)
(Intentionally/Knowingly/Recklessly—Physical Injury—Emergency Medical Services Provider)
UCrJI No 3303— Sample Enhancement Fact Verdict Form [Renumbered UCrJI 1019a)