Annie & the Octopus: Common-Law Indemnity - A Print Book (2018)

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Think common-law indemnity is dead in Oregon? Well think again. Not only might you be surrendering an entitlement to 100% restitution, but also sacrificing a right to recover defense costs. Get Annie & the Octopus, 2018 Edition, and be fully prepared to meet indemnity head on. 
1 volume; paperback
215 pages
Publication Date: November 2018
Authors: E. Richard Bodyfelt, Barry M. Mount, and Roger K. Stroup

Did you ever think a law book could be entertaining? And if, against all odds, you found an entertaining law book, what do you think its topic would be? You probably wouldn’t have guessed “common-law indemnity.” Well, Annie & the Octopus is here to surprise you. In engaging fashion, this book gives down-to-earth advice on asserting and defending a common-law indemnity claim. It tackles complex statutes and confusing case law to cover the following subjects:

history of common-law indemnity
elements and proof required
statutes of limitation and repose
vouching in
settlement of the underlying case
defense-cost indemnity
predictions for the future of indemnity

This is not your typical law book. If you want a stodgy old tome of dry legal writing, look elsewhere. You might just find yourself reading Annie & the Octopus for fun.


1 Introduction
2 Common-Law Implied Indemnity—Bygones and Backdrop
3 Fault: The Illusive Chameleon
4 Pleading and Proving an Indemnity Claim
5 Surviving an Eclectic Shock
6 Statutes of Limitation and Repose
7 Common-Law Vouching-In: “Indemnity Made Easy” (and Other Lies)
8 Vouching “Out” or “A Fool and His Vouch Are Soon Parted”
9 Pleading and Proving Indemnity after Settlement of the Third-Party Claim
10 Recovery of Defense Costs
11 Indemnity: Back to the Future—“Salvation and Soothsaying”
12 Astoria Revisited—“Paradox, Problems, and Proposals”