Administering Oregon Estates, 2018 Legislative Supplement

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Supplement; loose-leaf
336 pages
Publication Date: Oct. 2018
Editorial Review Board: Jonathan Levy and Philip N. Jones

The 2018 supplement highlights changes to Oregon law resulting from legislative amendments made in 2013 through 2018, including new procedures regarding noncompliant writings as evidence of a will, revocation, or alteration; updated bonding requirements in probate proceedings; notice requirement changes; New provisions regarding attorney fees, advance directives, and the personal representative’s compensation; and provisions relating to when a child “conceived from the genetic material of a decedent who died before the transfer of the decedent’s genetic material into a person’s body” is entitled to an interest in the decedent’s estate.


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Learn all the details for administering an estate and guiding the personal representative through the probate process with this 2012 Revision w/2018 Legislative Supplement.